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Thursday, 3 May 2007
Tuesday 1 May. Flight back.

Weather in Spain today had turned cloudy and the same with most of Europe apart from northern France and the UK where it was clear blue skies, a reversal of the normal roles.

Ian loaded the bikes in a trailer and took Ernie, Nicola and myself to the Airport, about a 45 minute drive. There was some sort of temperature inversion effect round the mountains with a layer of clouds round the lower slopes and the snow-capped peaks rising above the clouds.

The plane left about 10 minutes early and arrived at Gatwick about 30 minutes early. As we flew over the channel coast we came over Pagham harbour with Butlins also clearly visible.

We shared a pre-ordered large taxi to to take us and bikes back home.


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Tuesday 1 May. Bikes unloaded at Granada Airport

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Monday 30 April. Trip to Granada.

Weather today was sunny most of the time but with more cloud later in the day. Temperatures were up to 20C.

Last Tuesday when the rest of the group visited the Alhambra Palace in Granada Ernie, Phil and I rode up the Pico Veleta mountain road and Nicola went horseriding. Today Ernie Nicola and I went to Granada with the aim of visiting the Alhambra.

The others had to queue for 2 hours so we had an earlier start and Ann dropped us off there at 7.30. Unfortunately the next day was the Mayday holiday and it appeared a lot of people had taken the Monday off as well.

After queuing for 2 1/2 hours and making very slow progress I roughly counted the people ahead of us at 600 and probably at least another 1 1/2 hours of waiting so we gave up.

We walked down into Granada and after coffee in the square had a look round the impressive Cathedral. We had rung Ann and arranged an earlier pickup and returned to base.


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Monday 30 April. Granada Cathedral

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Monday, 30 April 2007
Sunday 29 April. Restabal Ride.

Weather today was clear and sunny all day with temperatures up to 22C but with a stronger wind than of late.

Most of the group were flying back to the UK today except myself Ernie and Nicola who fly back on Tuesday.

The rest of the group had a taxi to the Airport at 9.00 with Ian taking the bikes in a van. After saying goodbye I set off on my own short ride taking a route I missed on the first day. Ernie decided to pack bikes rather than ride as tomorrow we spend the day in Granada visiting the Alhambra.

I rode down to Lanjaron and then past the windmills and across the Dam of the Embase de Beznar lake. Then up the twisting climb to the hilltop town of Pinos de Valle. I stopped for a brief banana stop by the Church. Then down to Restabel and then Melegis passing Orchards with fallen Oranges at the roadside.

Then a gradual climb to Lecrin ad a stop on a seat for an early packed lunch. Then a long straight downhill alongside the Motorway reaching 41 mph with the strong tailwind.

Then back up to Lanjaron assisted by the tailwind.

Today I managed to pedal all the way without stopping up the Col de Viento (the 2 mile steep 600ft climb from Lanjaron to our base at Casse de Viento) I had not tried this earlier due to my back.

The afternoon was spent packing the bike and sunbathing by the pool.

In the evening over dinner we met up with a group of 4 triathletes staying here for the next week.

26 miles for the day and 2739ft of climb.


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Sunday 29 April. Most of the group board a taxi for the Airport

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Sunday 29 April. Sierra Nevada range in the distance viewed from near Pinos Valle

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Sunday, 29 April 2007
Saturday 28 April. Rest day and Walks.

Weather today was again warm and sunny all day with temperatures reaching 24C.

Today was a rest from cycling with 2 walks scheduled. Phil, Mary, Richard and Eileen went on a longer walk up a gorge and higher into the mountains. The rest of us went on a shorter walk in the local area guided by our host Anne.

We took in old Moorish irrigation channels and the modern ones and stopped for coffee at the house of Mike a friend of Ann's.

We had lunch laid on beside the pool back at base followed by some relaxation by the poolside.

In the evening we went down to town for a meal and flamenco night.

Phil awarded some prizes including Ironman or lady of the tour which went to Ann Kelly for riding all the hard rides and numerous lengths of the cold pool. Awards for infectious enthusiasm went to Avryl and Mike.


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Saturday 28 April. Walking a track

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Saturday 28 April. Lunch by the pool

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Saturday, 28 April 2007
Friday 27 April. Ride to Castell de Ferro

Today the alternative options were a car ride and sightseeing on the coast at Almunecar or a long ride with numerous climbs to Castell de Ferro on the coast and back again. Ian again provided vehicle backup enabling riders to do just part of the route.

Weather was again very good and mainly sunny except for some cloud building up on the higher mountain ranges. Temperatures reached 26C near the coast.

Mike, Alan, Liz, Elizabeth and Eileen were driven by our host Ann to the coast. Nicola went for a local walk.

Phil, Mary, Jim, Ann, Gill, Ernie and Edwin set off on the long ride with an early 8.30 start. Richard and Avryl had a lift from Ian to do the middle part of the ride.

To simplify the geography there is a main massive of the Sierra Nevada range south of Granada. Ann's place where we were staying is on the southern foothills at about 2750ft. We descended from there to Lanjaron at 2100ft and then down into the valley to Orgiva Bridge at 1100ft. Then a long long climb up over one of the coastal mountain ranges called the Sierra de Lujar up to 3500ft and then a long descent to the sea.

Towards the top of the Sierra de Lujar climb we rode up into the clouds and cycled through the mist to a bar near the top for elevenses. We were joined here by Richard and Avryl who were driven up with their bikes by Ian and after seeing the length of the climb they were very glad to avoid it.

After elevenses there was a very long twisting descent down to the coast at Castell de Ferro where we enjoyed our packed lunches near the Prom.

After lunch another long climb up over the Sierra del Carchuna. We stopped part way up at a bar for a drink and a break. Then on up to 16 big windturbines at the top followed by another twisting descent. Part way down the narrow descent we were held up briefly by a very long lorry with 2 enormous wind turbine blades as its load, trying to get round the sharp bends.

Back down to the coast at Motril Ian guided us through the city stopping at various junctions. Then another climb through pineforest.Then down to Velez de Benaudaila and a stop for tea where our group of hungry cyclists demolished everything put in front of them. Richard and Avryl were car assisted from here. The rest of us continued with more climbing round Embaise de Rules lake and its dam and then down to Orgiva Bridge. Here Gill and Ernie loaded their bikes on the car.

Phil, Mary, Ann, Jim and myself remained. We rode up to Orgiva and with my back not doing any complaining I really wanted to do the whole ride. However a short way above Orgiva my chain snapped for the second time on the holiday. As we were running late I decided to take a lift back to base.

My mileage for the day was 64 and for those doing the whole route it was about 68. In terms of feet of climbing in a day this was the second hardest ride I have ever done with 7752ft of climb. For those doing the entire route it was about 8500 ft of climb.


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Friday 27 April. Gill, Ann and Ernie on the first climb

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Friday 27 April. Richard, Jim,and Phil and Mary on descent after elevenses

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Friday 27 April. Held up by Wind Turbine Blades

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Friday 27 April. Edwin and Ann on a Climb. Picture by Ian

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